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Masai Mara

Further afield, towards the Tanzanian border, the Masai Mara with its spectacle of survival could also entice you away from the beach for a few nights. You might want to visit our Ol Seki Hemingways Mara camp to experience panoramic views of the undulating grasslands and rocky outcrops that are home to thousands of wildebeest and Thompson’s gazelle; easy targets for the leopard. Encounter hippo and crocodile families lurking in the shade on the banks of the deep pools. The tumult of the great annual migration occurs in July, August and September but the resident creatures of the Mara are to be found in a more peaceful environment at any other time of the year. Meet the Masai tribes who inhabit this vast region; a tour of a manyatta (traditional village) will show you the pastoral way of life that has existed, almost unchanged, since the 17th century. 

Tsavo East and Tsavo West

Only a two-hour drive from Hemingways, you’ll discover more than 12,000 square kilometers of open plains and grasslands full of wild animals. Famous for the man-eating lions that brought work on the railway bridge to a halt in the 1890s, the park is still home to prides of maned predators - although they are not so determined to eat their guests these days. Abounding with herds of elephant, buffalo, kudu, waterbuck, giraffe, gazelle, zebra and at least 500 species of bird, your binoculars are best placed within easy reach. Enjoy the night air under luxury canvas and awake to an azure sky, a whisper of cloud casting the faintest shadow on the ochre earth, before blazing a red dust trail as you head back to the coast.


This compact park, almost in the shadow of the old giant Kilimanjaro, is home to the most well-known herds of elephant in Kenya. This International Bio-Sphere Reserve is also the habitat of world-renowned wildlife experts who have dedicated their lives to protecting and researching the species that live here, especially the elephants. While photographing the swamps, you could speculate about the fragile future of the calves. During a picnic in the shade of an acacia tree’s canopy, you might want to learn more about the migration patterns and histories of the herds.

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