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Arabuko-Sokoke Forest

Only 7km inland, East Africa’s largest surviving dry coastal forest spans 400 square kilometers. Explore this dense woodland on foot or on horseback. Many globally endangered species hide in here - Ader’s duiker, spotted ground thrush, Sokoke Scops owl, Sokoko pitpit, east coast akalat, Amani sunbird and Clarke’s weaver. Other endemic birds such as the green barbet, Fisher’s turaco and southern banded snake eagle can also be glimpsed in the canopy. At night, furtive creatures, elephant shrew, bush-baby, genet cat and caracal, emerge in the shadows. By day you’ll hear the baboons and sykes monkeys crashing through the branches. Look carefully, and you’ll see the flash of butterfly wings, one-third of Kenya’s 870 species fly here.

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