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End of year December 2015  Hemingways Fishing Season

It has been a wonderful end of year at Hemingways Watamu with a ton of action in and out of the water.December was a blast for those out to sea with loads of Blue Marlin and sailfish cruising up and down our coastline.

December was a month of many firsts with seasoned and novice anglers making and breaking records.Among the veterans we had Paul Bateman on a serious mission,tagging and releasing 3 Blue Marlin, a striped Marlin and a sailfish missiong out only on a black to conquer the ocean.

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2015 Fishing Season

It's no secret that Kenya's 2014/15 fishing season was among the toughest and most irregular to date.To start with, early season fishing didn't match its' usual expectations and then came the media coverage of terrorism and perceived Ebola threats in Kenya, suggesting that Watamu is no longer the haven of beauty and tranquillity it remains to be.This caused many prospective and even regular anglers, who visit Hemingways to enjoy the magnificent sport of big game fishing to reduce in numbers down to a quarter or less of typical years.We did have plenty amazing memories however in store for the anglerswho still chose to still fish the spectacular waters of Kenya with us.

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1000 Pound Stunner! 

Roger Sutherland is stiff; sore, covered in bruises and a little sunburnt.  Not a condition that would normally be accompanied by a huge smile and a determination to go back out on the water as soon as possible; but when the cause of the discomfort was catching the world's largest marlin so far in 2014, it all becomes clear.

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Watamu Festival and Friends of Kenya Competition

Held back to back the Watamu Festival and the Friends of Kenya fishing competitions were a great success with many thanks going to the Watamu Sea Club for sponsoring the Watamu Festival and to Aggreko and Inshore Support for sponsoring the Friends of Kenya. Without their support we would not be able to hold these events.

The Watamu Festival was held on the 1st/2nd March 2014 out of Ocean Sports.The winning team was on White Bear Skippered by Jackson Safari and fished by Martin Foster, Robin James and Jamie Shepherd from Dubai. They had a great first days fishing with a Blue Marlin and two Striped Marlin and on the second day they also managed to release another Striped Marlin bringing them a total of 1 Blue Marlin and 3 Striped Marlin to secure 1st position.

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Blue Marlin February 

Those that have joined us this February at Hemingway’s have had some amazing fishing out on the Rips and inshore.The Blue Marlin have showed up in great numbers. Some of the days up to 16 Blue Marlin have been caught with some Striped Marlin mixed in between!

Ol Jogi II had some great days of fishing with double headers of Blue Marlin and Striped Marlin and double figures on Blue Marlin. Fishing with Roberto Nicola from Italy on Ol Jogi II they decided to fish just 4miles from the Hotel fishing off the famous Mida Creek for Sailfish on light tackle. They raised 8 Sailfish and released 1. In the afternoon with just 20minutes of fishing time left a Black Marlin crashed the short teaser and with no hesitation the fish switched to a Flat line with its bill thrashing around and its dorsal waving at the anglers. Fishing on 20pound line we would like to congratulate Nicola on landing his 1st Black Marlin on light tackle.  

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 January 2014 Fishing News

The past two weeks fishing off Watamu and Malindi have been difficult with the water Temperature still being slightly too cool. Despite the cooler waters that we are facing at the moment some great Billfish are still being caught.

Hemingway’s was chosen to Host the 2014 SADSAA light tackle tournament fished by Natal, Sadsaa, S.Team White, S.Team Red and Mpumalanga representing their provinces from South Africa.

Over the Four days of fishing there were 17 Sailfish and 1 Black Marlin released; all caught on 20pound line class, strictly IGFA rules.

Despite the smallish numbers of Billfish actually caught; there were more than double the figures raised and lost due to the difficulty of line class and rules placed in the Tournament. 

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